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Moda di Emelie
If you like to dress with timeless elegance, yet detailed and trendy, you should get your clothes from Moda di Emelie.
Moda di Emelie design clothes for women and children with a goal to satisfy every customer with unique quality garments having the perfect fit. To keep the uniqueness of each product, all garments are produced in a limited quantity.

RINATA is an eco-friendly under label to Moda di Emelie where the clothes are made out of recycled material. Often 100%, but a design labeled RINATA has a minimum of 70% reused material. Garments produced with recycled material create special and uniquely designed pieces of fashion. The recycled materials are carefully selected in order to maintain a high standard of the new product.

Moda di Emelie was founded in 2010 by the Swedish designer Emelie Hillberg. After graduating from the three year program in Fashion and Textile design at Istituto Europeo di Design in Milan 2008, Emelie improved her sewing skills working in the textile industry. In 2010 she let her dreams come true and started her own design company. All garments by Moda di Emelie are designed and manufactured in Varberg, Sweden.